There are never enough hours in the day to read the books we want to!! So here are a few of our customers reviews of new titles.

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Published September 1st 2016, PB $14.99

Reviewed by Caitlyn, 10 years :

Prepare yourself! Tracy Lacy is an excellent book if you like to LAUGH OUT LOUD. She is a completely loopy girl who is completely coo coo bananas! This book is a diary about her crazy life. Tracy is going to high school and is 99.7% sure that she might get through high school like a normal person. I really liked this book and I would recommend it if you are around the age of 8-11. I hope you take a look at this and if you do, be warned, you will laugh a lot!



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 PAX by Sara Pennypacker

Published April 4th 2016, PB $19.99

Reviewed by Caitlyn, 10 years :

Pax is a really good book. It is about a boy and his beloved fox. He has had him since he was a pup, until one day his dad has to leave the fox on the side of the road. This book is a heart-warming story about the strong relationship between a boy and his fox. I would recommend reading this book if you are 10-15 years old. I really enjoyed reading this book and know that you will too.


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THE BUBBLE BOY by Stewart Foster

Published June 1st 2016, PB $16.99

Reviewed by Jacob, 10 years :

I liked The Bubble Boy because I think the storyline is very good and original. My favorite character is Amir because he is cool and quirky. I think it’s aimed at older readers that like diary-like storylines. I like how Joe, who is the main character, lives in the hospital and gets to do whatever he wants - besides going outside. It’s quite sad that he can’t go outside without dying. I believe Bubble Boy is extremely good and highly recommend it for 10 to 14 year olds. It gets 4 out of 5 stars.



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Published Feb 1st 2014 in HB
RRP $19.95

PB published 1sy Jan 2015, $14.95

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book review saoirseReviewed by Saoirse, aged 10

Review by Katy, aged 8

I thought it was GREAT!!!!! What could be better than a book about a VERY VERY VERY daring, brave, adventurous girl and her best friend who does CRAZY FUN STUFF. (P.S. Apart from nature, family & friends.)

In each chapter something different happens. Noah’s Fishing Boat, tobogganing down a mountain, getting concussion; nothing is boring when you’ve got a friend like Lema! Set in Norway, this hilarious tale will capture your heart. I think it should be read by people 7-12 years old. It is totally AWESOME!


LOST & FOUND by Brooke Davis (who works here!)

Published June 24th 2014, PB $26.99

Reviewed by Judi:

The author in her virtuoso debut novel begins with a poignant letter to the reader, and then takes us on a journey akin to the ancient Greek and Roman mythologies reflecting humankind’s search for meaning. This is a charming and whimsical tale of an abandoned seven year old girl obsessed with death, two lonely old people and one mannequin, together on a quest. What are they searching for, and will they find it? Are there answers to some of our deepest yearnings and mysteries? Follow their funny and heart-wrenching expedition and you will be stirred by the dazzling human spirit portrayed in this tale of loving, living, and dying. The characters tough a chord, the imagination soars, and the soul is warmed.

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Counting by 7's

Published May 2014, PB $14.99

Reviewed by Cate, aged 10:

‘Counting by Sevens’ is a unique book with a lot of twists. It reflects the meaning of grief and hope. This book was spectacular and even though it got off to a slow start during the first few chapters, the book became more and more intriguing. I would recommend ‘Counting by Sevens’ to anyone who is in search of a heart-warming book that really stands out! This book shows that happiness and love can come to you if you persist, just like Willow Chance did…

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THE LEMON GROVE by Helen Walsh

Review by Judi: “Thank you for giving me this book to read, it was a great read.  The characters are well defined, the dialogue is taut and the story is intriguing with a ‘twist in the tail’.  This author has a succinct and beautifully expressive writing style.  I would recommend this enjoyable book.”

Published 25/2/14 PB $26.99

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The Last Thirteen coverTHE LAST THIRTEEN by James Phelan

Published Sept. 2013, PB $14.99

Reviewed by Magnus age 9.

The first book of the series The Last Thirteen by James Phelan is a great read for those young readers who enjoy adventure books without too much violence, that are easy to read without being boring.

Sam is an interesting character. He is kidnapped from school, put in a helicopter with two other teenagers that were also taken. After a missile hits them and a disastrous crash landing in a backyard pool he meets Lora, and learns things that will change his life forever.

Read this book because the story line pulls you in almost immediately and unfolds in a different and exciting way to other novels. You won’t want to put this book down. It’s short enough that you don’t have to.

If you are someone who likes adventure and mystery then this is the book for you with Book 2 released in December and continuing on from the exact same moment book 1 left off then 11 more to come this series is sure to entertain.

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Kensington reptilarium coverThe Kensington Reptilarium by NJ Gemmell

Published June 2013, PB $16.99

Reviewed by Sophie, aged 9: 

Introducing: Kick, Pin, Scruff and Bertie – (not saying who’s the favourite). Four Caddy children are having the best time. Their Dad is away and the kids are living it up, until they find out some terrible news!

They are told they must travel to London and stay with their uncle Basti, who turns out to be a complete disaster. He hates children. His house, The Kensington Reptilarium, doesn’t look the least bit inviting. Then one night, infuriated neighbours call for the Reptilarium to be shut down.

Dinda tries her hardest to save the children from the orphanage and Basti from prison, with the old fashioned tradition: lighting candles on Christmas Eve, to hide the house amongst the others, even though Basti hates Christmas too!

Will their father ever return?

This book was a real hit. I really enjoyed it and I hope you do too. It will leave you in suspense and wonder. The first sentence will have you hooked on straight away. This book was definitely the best book I’ve read in my whole life. I think this book well and truly deserves to be the best children’s book ever written.

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Published October 2013, PB $12.99

Reviewed By Alice, aged 10.

Reviewed by Monty, aged 8

I’m going to start with how the author uses his imagination. I like how he makes it interesting and the characters, Conor, Abeke, Meilen and Rollah. If I was going to give this book a rating, it would be 10 out of 10. Once I dreamed about it. Thanks for letting us do it.

Reviewed by Jasper

Abeke, Rollan, Conor and Meilin, all 11 year-olds, have each summoned legendary Spirit Animals (Uraza the leopard, Essix the falcon, Briggan the wolf and Jhi the Giant Panda) and embark on an epic quest to defeat an evil enemy from the past. Their amazing journey has mysteries around every corner, unknown enemies, unexpected friends and strange heroes.

At first I wasn't sure about the book but then I realised it was excellent. From the second chapter onwards was I really engaged. I really liked the chapter when Zerif (who helps the evil one from the past) leads a group rogue warriors who attempt to steal one of the Great Beast, Arax the Ram. Zerif battles the green-cloaks (a group of Members of the Marked, defenders of peace, who also have Spirit Animals). This is great book for kids who love fantasy, adventure and action.

Also included in the book is the game code and more to get you started on Spirit Animals website. Plus, pre-order book 2, Hunted (out on January 2014) and the entire series goes right into 2015!

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