We have five bookclubs we run on the days/times below.  

Second Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm

Last Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm

Fourth Tuesday of the month at 10.30am

Fourth Thursday of the month at 6.30pm

Third Monday of the month at 6.30pm

Each bookclub runs for appromiately 2 hours. No one has to choose a book per say, rather we send out a list of five titles usually around a central theme and everyone gets to vote on what they would like to read.  We then do the book with the most votes. 

Books are then purchased from us with a discount of 10% and people BYO drinks and nibbles. Please email us if you are interested in joining.

We do offer advice and discounts for those that run their own bookclubs who would like to purchase from us.  Again, please email us or drop in.


The first Cookbook Bookclub began in June 2014 meeting in the shop on the 3rd Thursday of the month and was christened the “Degustation Bookclub”.  We felt running it as a normal bookclub with everyone purchasing the same book, was not going to work, given the higher price of cookbooks.  So, we resolved to have members pay $11/month which would give the group $132 to spend each month on new books.  With only 12 participants, each person is allocated a month to spend that money.  After one month of exclusive use of the books that they have chosen, the books then go into the library, so others can take them home and try out some of the recipes. The group now has roughly 40 books constantly in the shared library. Each month the groups meets, bringing something they have cooked from one of the books they have had on loan, to share with the group and discuss any knowledge and tips.  After 12 months in the library, the member who chose those books, gets to take them home along with the collective knowledge written in them by others in the group.

The popularity of the concept, meant a second bookclub began in August 2017 and is held on the second Thursday of the month in the shop. Then in October 2018 a thrid group was formed which is run at Lamonts Cottesloe on the third Monday of the month. 

If you would like to join the waitlist for any of these, please email us by following this link.

You can read an article about the original Degustation Bookclub here.


At Beaufort Street we run 4 children's bookclubs for various ages: 6-7s, 8-9s, 10-11s and 12+. We meet once a month on a Thursday, with a different age group meeting each week from 3.30pm-4.15pm. The 12+ group meets from 4.30-5.30pm. Children are welcome to bring afternoon snacks. At the end of the session the next month's book is handed out. Books are available at a 10% discount. Places are available in the youngest and oldest groups but the 8-9s and 10-11s have waitlists. Please email us if you are interested in signing up your child. 

Below are the dates for each bookclub for 2019.