Do not be afraid of charcuterie.
It is a technique for meat preservation, the origins of which are lost in time. If people wearing leather sandals without electricity can do it, then so can you. I am a lawyer, not a chef and I can do it.
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A Charcuterie Diary
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Incorporate fermented foods into everyday eating with delicious recipes that are easily achievable at home. Chapters covering fruit and vegetables, milk, pulses, sourdough ... read more

Fermented: A Beginner's Guide to Making Your Own Sourdough, Yogurt, Sauerkraut, Kefir, Kimchi and More
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How to make gut-friendly fermented foods by the grande dame of whole foods.

Ferment: A Practical Guide to the Ancient Art of Making Cultured Foods
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Jams and jellies, chutneys and pickles, smoked and potted meats and cured fish, cordials and alcohols, vegetables in oil, mustards and vinegars - here are recipes to fill ... read more

Salt Sugar Smoke The Definitive Guide to Conserving, from Jams and Jellies to Smoking and Curing (HB)
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A New York Times Best Cookbook of Fall 2018​ At Noma--four times named the world's best restaurant--every dish includes some form of fermentation... read more

Noma Guide to Fermentation - Including Koji, Kombuchas, Shoyus, Misos, Vinegars, Garums, Lacto-Fermented Vegetables, and Black Fruits
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A kitchen groaning with full jars is the sign of a future well catered for. Gourmet farmer Matthew Evan's new book is an ode to the surplus of the seasons--a collection of more than 90 modern recipes for... read more

Not Just Jam - The Fat Pig Farm Book of Preserves, Pickles and Sauces
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Whether you're making a pint of sauerkraut or a peck of pickled peppers, the Joy of Pickling provides all the tools for pickling success
Putting up pickles is a time-honored ... read more

Joy of Pickling: 300 Flavor-Packed Recipes for All Kinds of Produce from Garden or Market
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Preserving the Japanese Way, nominated for a 2016 James Beard Award in the International Cookbook category, introduces Japanese methods of salting, pickling, and fermenting ... read more

Preserving the Japanese Way - Traditions of Salting, Fermenting, and Pickling for the Modern Kitchen
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Series:Countryman Know How

Jerky has been a vital source of sustenance for centuries. But what started out as an important food for travelers and a way to safely preserve meat in the days before refrigeration has become the health nut's favorite snack, the hiker and sportsman's manna, the dieter's delight, and a boon for gourme... read more

Jerky Everything
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Bread. Cheese. Wine. Beer. Coffee. Chocolate. Most people consume fermented foods and drinks every day. For thousands of years, humans have enjoyed the distinctive flavors and nutrition resulting fro... read more

Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods
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David Dyer's astonishing novel The Midnight Watchis based on the true story of the SS Californian, the ship that sawtheTitanic'sdistress rockets and yet, unfathomably, did nothing. A psychological thriller.
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Fermenting Foods Step-by-Step
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A classic beginner's guide to fermenting just about anything. At last, a new edition of fermentation guru Sandor Katz's first published work, including all new, step-by-step photography. A great introduc... read more

Basic Fermentation: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Cultural Manipulation
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